Rehabilitation of Pedestrian Ramps at Designated Locations in the Borough of Queens

JED Engineering was retained as a sub consultant to provide the rehabilitation of pedestrian ramps at designated locations within the Borough of Queens. Each location has been selected because of the need to serve the disabled and the organizations to serve the elderly, ensuring the ramps comply with ADA Standards. The proposed $10.6 million, 2-year involves work for reconstruction of approximately 1800 pedestrian ramps.

The requirements for compliant pedestrian ramps includes requirements for width, cross slopes, detectable warning devices, transitions from the ramp to walkway, gutter, and street. Complexities of this type of construction in NYC includes existing utilities, sidewalk features and structures, impacts from closures to sidewalk, pedestrian ramp and/or crosswalk, and impacts to community and stakeholders.

Construction Cost: $10M

Status: To be Completed June, 2023