NYCDDC – New York City Pedestrian Ramps Program (Vaults) SERCWSRV2 WO 002A

JED Engineering & Land Surveying provided comprehensive street vault surveys for the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC).  The information obtained was used for NYCDDC pedestrian ramp program.

The surveys covered specific areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx following work orders issued. 

Field services included the collection of all information necessary and required for the preparation of a Vault Survey Report.  Such services  included the following: (1) measure the interior dimensions of the vault (width, length, and height) to determine the vault type based on square footage, (2) establish vertical controls to obtain elevations for the following: sidewalk at the edge of roadway and structure entrance, finished first floor of structure, interior vault finished floor, and interior vault roof, (3) locate the exit-out sewer trap elevation to the main sewer connection, and (4) take photographs of the interior features of the vault.

In addition, a sidewalk survey was needed for the corners having a subsurface vault.

Construction Cost: $20 M

Status: Completed 2020