NYCDOT – HBCR01CA – Component Rehabilitation of Nine Bridges Boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island

JED Engineering was retained to provide Construction supervision and inspection services for this significant bridge rehabilitation project.  The project included six locations in Queens, two in Staten Island and one in Manhattan.  The work included:

  • Removal and replacement of existing deck and approach roadway asphalt overlay.
  • Scarifying of concrete wearing surface replacement with thin polymer concrete overlay
  • Removal of existing waterproofing membrane and replacement with spray on waterproofing.
  • Removal of existing sidewalks at the approaches and replacement with new concrete sidewalks.
  • Repair of concrete on abutments and underdeck. Cleaning of scuppers. Installation of new steel diaphragms.
  • Replacement of armored joints with new armorless joints system.
  •  and abutments at Park Road.
  • Repair of roadway lighting and damaged traffic signs
  • Cleaning, repair, and repointing of mortared joints in wingwalls and piers.
  • Painting of access door in pier and replacement of access hatch door in sidewalk.
  • Applying anti-graffiti coating as required.
  • New pavement striping.
  • Providing landscape and tree protections during construction and restoration of work zone areas in the park.
  • Providing protection shields over LIRR during construction
  • Performing work zone traffic control during construction

Contract Cost: $13.7 M                                 

Status: Completed September 2017