Resident Engineering Inspection Services for New Sanitary and Storm Sewers and Water Trunk Main in Coney Island area, Borough of Brooklyn

JED Engineering was retained to provide Construction Inspection services for this vital infrastructure project.  The project is located on Neptune Avenue between West 20th Street and West 22nd Street, on West 21st St. between Neptune and Surf Avenues, on Surf Ave. between West 20th St. and West 22nd St. and on Mermaid Ave. between West 21st St. and West 24th St. This project was designed to alleviate flooding conditions in this area of Brooklyn.

The work included the installation of 24inch, 30inch and 36 inch diameter RCP storm sewers, 8.5 feet by 3 feet and 9.5 feet by 3.5 feet concrete box storm sewers with manhole, chambers and catch basins.  Also included on this project are 10inch, 15inch and 18 inch diameter sanitary sewers. New water mains of 8 inch, 12 inch and 20 inch diameter DIP with appurtenant hydrants and valves were installed to upgrade the water quality and pressure in the area. The replacement of some of the 24 inch diameter Water Trunk main, which is the main feed to this part of Coney Island, was included on this project. The project also included the construction of new curbs, sidewalks and roadway.

Contract Cost: $ 23.9 M                                                      Status: Completed 2017