Resident Engineering Inspection Services for the Installation of Trunk and Distribution Water Mains, Construction of Storm Sewers and Outfall, and Construction of Sanitary Sewers in the Beach 94th Street Area, Borough Of Queens

JED Engineering was retained as a sub consultant to provide resident engineering inspection for this major infrastructure project. The project involved major subsurface work to support new housing developments in the Averne section of the Rockaway Peninsula. The proposed work consisted in the construction of a new 36 inch steel water main, the construction of a new storm outfall and tributary storm sewers and associated chambers, the installation of sanitary sewers, distribution water mains, removal of trolley tracks and associated restoration of curbs, sidewalks and roadways. The new storm sewers range from 24” RCP to 98”W by 63H Elliptical Class III RCP encased in concrete. Also included is the installation of 8”, 12 and 20” DIP water mains. The project also included the installation of catch basins and associated chute connections, special shallow catch basins and manholes. The new storm outfall constructed under this project, being in a tidal wetland area, required a NYSDEC SPDES permit and the restoration of disturbed wetland.

Construction Cost: $25 million

Status: Completed Sept. 2014