CM Services for Infrastructure Upgrades, Repairs and Rehabilitation at Various FDNY Facilities within New York City

JED was retained as a sub-consultant to the LiRo Group, providing construction management services on an “As Needed Basis” for infrastructure upgrades, repairs, and renovation and rehabilitation of projects at various FDNY facilities within New York City.

JED provided a Construction Manager, overseeing the renovation of Engine Company 5, Engine Company 16 and Engine Company 55.  The scope of work for these facilities is similar in nature. It consists of interior renovations, including new male and female bathrooms and showers, new locker rooms and bunk room as well as interior finishes in selected areas of the firehouse. The work also included asbestos abatement, roof replacements, façade restoration, plumbing rehabilitation, electrical system and HVAC system upgrades.

One major challenge our inspector had to work around while performing the work, was that the facilities remained occupied and functioning. This required consistent communication and coordination with the Engine Command, to inform them of the work that was to be performed on a regular basis.

One other challenge that had to be address was the numerous unforeseen field conditions at each of the facilities during the demolition phase. Due to the age of these buildings, asbestos wrap in plumbing pipes not previously identified were uncovered. Plumbing risers were found in locations not shown on drawings. At Engine Company 5, the supporting beams were found to be compromised upon removal of floors.  Addressing these conditions and others, required the timely recommendations for the required work, assists in the preparation of the change order documents and implementation of the work, so as not to impede the progress of the projects.

The construction work at the three facilities was being performed    concurrently. This posed a logistical challenge for our construction inspector. It required consistent coordination with all contractors and planning of the daily activities at each of the facilities to insure the proper monitoring of the work by our construction inspector on his daily rounds.

Engine Company 5         Engine Company 16         Engine Company 55

Completed 2017             *On-going                         *On-going

Cost: $1.2M                     $800,000                            $750,000

*Per our sub-contract agreement with our client, our construction inspection services were satisfactorily completed on June 22nd, 2017 prior to completion of these projects.