Reconstruction of Front Street, Borough of Manhattan

JED Engineering has been retained to fully reconstruct the Front Street roadway and to improve the underlying infrastructure.  The scope of work also include the removal of the existing Trolley Line tracks, the installation of new curbs/sidewalks, catch basins, street lighting, traffic work, cobblestone replacement on Front Street, from John Street to Fletcher Street, and upgrades/replacements to existing Con-Edison & ECS facilities.

Work items include but not limited to:

  • Catch Basins (Type 1,Type 3 with and without curb piece)
  • 12” D.I.P. Basin Chute Connection
  • Cleanout MH Installation
  • 12” WM Installation & 6” Hydrant Connections
  • Fire Hydrants (A.P. Smith) and Hydrant Fenders
  • Fire Alarm Posts and Pedestal Bumpers
  • Cleaning and/or Abandoning of Drainage Structures.
  • Installation of 4” & 7” Pigmented Concrete Sidewalk
  • Installation of Steel-Faced Concrete Curb & Granite Curbs
  • New Pedestrian Ramp Construction with Detectable Warning Units
  • Bluestone Sidewalk Flags
  • Granite Block Pavers & Granite Slab Pavement in Roadway
  • 10”/ 11” Thick High Early Concrete Base
  • 3” Thick Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Course
  • Removal of Trolley Tracks, Yokes, & Vaults
  • Demolition of Structures (i.e. lamppost foundation removal, etc.)

Construction Cost:  $12,521,826.07

Completion: On-going