Resident Engineering Inspection Services for the Installation of Storm and Sanitary Sewers along the Whitestone Expressway Service Road, Borough of Queens

JED Engineering was retained to provide Resident Engineering services for this major infrastructure project designed to address severe flooding conditions that have plagued the area. The project primarily included the construction of storm sewers ranging from 18 inch ESVP to 66 inch, RCP and FTRC ranging from 7’-6” W X 9’-0”H to 11’-6”W X 7’-0”H. The project also involves the construction of 10, 15 and 16 inch ESVP sanitary Sewers and distribution water mains from 6 to 20 inches and appurtenances. The project also featured the use of 20 ton Continuous Flight Auger piles where soil bearing conditions are inadequate and a new 16’-9”H X 14’-0” W outfall. New curbs, sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, catch basins installation, roadway reconstruction, street lighting and tree planting were also included in the project.

Project Cost: $56M

Status: Substantially Completed Nov 2017