Resident Engineering Inspection Services for the Installation of Trunk Water Main on 10th Avenue Between West 30th and West 31st Streets, Borough of Manhattan

 JED Engineering was retained as a sub-consultant to provide Resident Engineering Inspection services for this very important and high priority project, essential to the completion of Stage 2 of City Tunnel No. 3, the Manhattan leg of Water Tunnel No. 3.

The intent of the project is to connect Shaft 26B (over the City Water tunnel No. 3) to the existing distribution system.The work specified for this project can be categorized as follows:

  • Installation of 48-inch trunk water mains and appurtenant accessories on 10th Avenue, between West 30th and West 31st Streets, the installation of force discharge main from shaft 26B running south on 10th Avenue and in West 30th Street between 10th and 12th Avenues,
  • The replacement of the existing 36” C.I with a new 36 D.I. pipe water main in 10th Avenue between 30th street and 31st street, the installation of new 12 and 20” water mains on the east and west sides of 10th Avenue between 30th and 31st  s.
  • Installation two (2) new 20” discharge lines out of the shaft, the first is to connect to new 48” RCP CL III C OMB sewer running on 10th Avenue and the other will connect to the same sewer line and also runs along 30th street to connect to existing out fall just west of sewer regulator located west of intersection of 30th street and 12th avenue.
  • Replacement of existing 4-0” x 2-8” EGG SEWER with new 48” R.C.P CL III COMB SWR Encased in conc. on Cradle in 11th Avenue between 30th and 31st streets with new chamber in each intersection. The new 4-0” sewer to connect to existing 4-0” x 2-8” Egg Sewer north of 31st street intersection, and to existing 4-0” sewer in West 31st street and new 4-0” x 6-6” F.I.R.C.
  • Combined sewer in 30th street between 10th and 11th avenues with new chamber in 11th avenue intersection. Install new 36” and 48” flow meters and chambers with sensing lines, two (2) new 24”regulator valves and chambers.

The project also included the installation of catch basins and associated chute connections, new curbs, sidewalks and roadway reconstruction. Relocation and support of existing utilities is a major aspect of the work.

Construction Cost: $22.6 million

Status: Completed 2017