Resident Engineering Inspection Services for Trunk Water Mains at Grand Street from Broadway to Essex Street, Borough Of Manhattan

JED Engineering was retained as part of a Joint Venture to provide resident engineering inspection for this high-profile infrastructure project. The project location encompasses fifteen blocks within Little Italy and Chinatown in Lower Manhattan. Today, Little Italy consists of restaurants and stores. Chinatown is both a residential area as well as a commercial area.  The project objective is to connect Shaft 30B (City Tunnel No.3), located at the intersection of Grand St. and Lafayette St., to the distribution system. The major items of subsurface work planned under the contract are associated with the trunk main shaft connection and include: the installation of a 36-inch steel trunk main running east-west along the north side of Grand Street, and the installation of a 20-inch DI main also running east-west, but along the south side of Grand Street; both mains are to be installed within the entire project limits; multiple crossings over NYCTA facilities/subway, including a new manifold of 3-20-inch DI with 48-inch steel headers; several valve-controlled interconnections—trunk and distribution mains—are planned at various locations; fitting-intensive distribution 20/12-inch water main work is planned at intersections; installation of Butterfly Valves; insulated flanged joints; construction of reinforced concrete chambers and related appurtenances and roadway reconstruction.

Construction Cost: $66.5 million

Status: Completed December 2016

Recipient of the CMAA 2017 Award for Excellence.