Topographical and Field Edit Services for Rockaway Boulevard, Queens, NY Contract SENCWSRV3 WO 003A

JED, as a team member, provided Surveying services in two phases for the rehabilitation of Rockaway Boulevard, from POW/MIA Memorial Highway to 175th Street, Queens.

Task 1 – Field Hardware Verification was needed for Rockaway Boulevard. Survey performed from POW/MIA Memorial Highway to Farmers Boulevard. In addition, sewer rim elevations were spot checked during Topographic verification.

Task 2 – Provided a detail Topographic survey of Rockaway Boulevard from Farmers Boulevard to 175th Street.

Primary horizontal and vertical controls for both tasks were established using GPS, Digital Level and Total Station.

All elevations were computed in Queens Highway Datum which is 2.725 feet above Mean Sea Level (1929).

 Contract Cost: $10M

 Status: Completed